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Some Interesting Science-Backed Facts of Having a Pet Dog

Most households own a pet dog for many reasons. They are very much like humans because of their huge personalities. Each breed has its own attributes that make them special. They can be quirky, energetic, and cool at the same time. So it’s no wonder that a large percentage of households tend to choose a dog as their family pet. But aside from their fun personalities and intelligence, there are many other reasons why owning a dog as a pet is the best experience and decision you’ll ever have.

If you’re looking forward to your first pet, choosing a dog is your best bet. Of course, you’ll have to consider your lifestyle and health before solidifying your decision. But many people experienced happiness after owning one. So what are the other reasons why having a dog is the best choice? Let’s check out some of the science-backed facts here.

You Will Never Feel Alone

One of the many reasons why a person chooses a pet dog over any other domesticated animal is because you’ll never feel alone. They are so loyal that they’ll never leave your side (literally). You are their world, and all they see is you. So their love for you is truly unconditional. You can never break up with your dog, which is what makes them special. They will be your emotional support, especially during the times that you feel alone, plus they give lots of cuddles and kisses too!

Pet Dog

Helps You Relax

When you get home from work and you find your pet dog waiting for you at the door, you’ll instantly feel your stress levels go down. Your furry pet will help alleviate your stress just by being their fun and quirky self. Just hanging out with your pet can ease muscle tension, relax your breathing, and lowers down your blood pressure and heart rate. Even ten minutes of petting a dog can already provide a huge impact.

Can Help with Mental Health Problems & Crisis

Service dogs are not only limited to those who have health problems, but to those who have mental health problems as well. You can see that many people dealing with mental health issues, such as PTSD, can get a service dog to help them deal with issues inside their heads. In fact, a study has shown that war veterans with service dogs have shown an improvement in their coping skills and have lower signs and symptoms of PTSD.

Dogs Make You Look Friendlier & Attractive

Ever notice that having a dog can make you ten times more attractive and friendlier than those who don’t own one? That’s because a large percentage of the human population loves dogs. And if you have one, there’s a big chance for your coworker, boss, or friends to like you even more just because you own one. For example, people posing with a dog for a photograph can instantly make them look more relaxed and happy!

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